Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Batman Arkham Origins : Cold, Cold Heart Joker and Croc

Kevin Conroy's "Arkham Knight" Statement

Batman's Origin In "Gotham"

I'm really impressed with this trailer of upcoming to Fox"Gotham". It's the beginning of the batman, From the trailer's perspective One detective (I think gordon) helps Bruce wayne, and also there are many villains in kid forms... Such as young batman, young riddler, young catwomen and poison ivy. I hope this movie is going to rock with the Batman's origin. It's the past of the Batman...!

Monday, May 5, 2014

What is Batman's Power?

What is Batman's Power? Does he really have a mutant power? Absolutely no! He's super hero without any mutant's power. Bruce wayne is one of filthy rich family in Gotham City and also successfully running technological industry. From my perspective he's a gadget enthusiast. Some of my friends dragging up Superman from krypto and Batman for duel. Who will win between Superman Vs Batman? Actually we cannot really say who will win because super man is 100% mutant power human but batman is not so it's bit complicated.