Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Batman Arkham Origins - Cold, Cold Heart Secrets & Easter Eggs

Cold, Cold heart is the latest DLC released for Batman Arkham Origin Series. From Cold, Cold heart Mr. Freeze also known as Mr Victor has shown as the main villain of this game. So today we are going to talk a lot about Secrets and Easter eggs of this game... Well, above video has been uploaded by Official Arkham Videos & They've found many secrets in-depth Golden Skull, Creeper's Footage, Old Red Phone, Wayne Family Photos, Lexcorp, GothCorps and Other Companies Annual revenue comparison charts, Riddler's attempts, Calender, Martha Wayne's (Bruce Wayne's Mother) Pearl Necklace and more secrets.

Batman Arkham Knight is not delayed

I'm surprised with the release date is not delayed to next year. Anyway it's a bit misunderstood by DC Comic staff at Wondercon. DC editors (Mike Cotton, Jim Chadwick and Shelly Bond) said that Batman Arkham Knight is going to fall this year but Injustice would be delayed to next year.

I'm extremely sorry for the previous article here. Just keep stay tune with us to get more updates for Batman Arkham Knight.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Batman Arkham Knight has been delayed

Batman Arkham Knight has been delayed to 2015 due to add some extra gadgets to the game. Anyway official website has pointed out "Coming 2014" and they have been not updated yet. Rocksteady Studio is a very genuine company probably they won't disappoint their audience by delaying to 2015... Delay makes us to cry more without playing them. Urghh! Let's see what happens in the future. So stay tune with us.

Batman Arkham Origins : Cold Cold Heart DLC

Well that is another DLC released by Montreal and Warner Brothers... This game has main villain called Mr Freeze also known as Mr.Victor, Therefore you can watch the Batman's New DLC Trailer to how does he invades the gotham city with his troops? and also he have captured the GothCorp's CEO too. So This DLC will be more awesome to play with new batman's suite called "XE Suite" because batman cannot fight with Mr.Freeze with Ordinary batman's suit. We've seen many new gadgets to his XE Suite. So Don't wait now let's move to the game.

Mr.Freeze also known Dr Victor Fries, He was a cryogenic scientist expert earlier who attempts to save his wife from illness in-depth it was failed due to industrial accident... Afterwards he was suited him self a cryogenic costumes to survive. Bob Kane, David wood and Sheldon Moldoff  were created this main villain to fight with batman. Mr Freeze's special weapon is his freeze gun. It can Freeze everything wherever he shoots. 

Make sure download is valid for "PC Downloads Only" 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Batman Arkham Knight Pre-Order Now

Batman Arkham Knight is the last series of Batman, Rocksteady Studio has been working with Arkham Knight to be the best batman game ever. This time you can drive a beast (Batmobile) with you to roam around Gotham City freely without any hesitation to your game-play. There is a bonus of this game - If you pre-order this game then you'll get to play as "Harley Quinn" in the Arkham Knight.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Batman Arkham Knight Screenshots Revealed

Rocksteady Studio has been launched set of Arkham Knight Screenshots to online, From the screenshots features notorious villains such as two face, penguin and riddler, Well Oracle also mainly featured in Screen shot which published by Rocksteady Studio.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pre-Order Batman Arkham Knight to Play as Harley Quinn

Rocksteady's New batman final Arkham Series - Batman Arkham Knight. Now you can pre-order the game from amazon or any other places. Exclusively you can play as "Harley Quinn" in Arkham Knight. It's a very precious gift to gamers who eagerly waiting to play as Harley Quinn.. She is very high intelligence in combat mode. So after you pre-order then you'll get add-on to play Batman : Arkham Knight as role of Harley Quinn. So don't forget to pre-order for your gaming consoles.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Batman's Ultimate Villains Infographic

I'm the one who designed this infographic, Actually it's pretty decent isn't it? haha! by the way i wasn't add some other nemesis to this infographic such as deadshot and other nemesis. I need your comments audience :)

History of Batman's Villains : Deathstroke

Rocksteady's newly revealed their new Batman final series such as Batman : Arkham Knight, Therefore there are lot of super villains in this game even though developer might think to add some villains who are introduced in the old DC comics. So i'm going to add some super nemesis for batman.

DeathStroke/ Slade Wilison 

Deathstroke (First appearance at 1980 From Teen Titans as Antagonist) also known as "THE TERMINATOR" one of powerful antagonist for batman. Slade Wilison is best hope for Vietnam war but he was experimented a serum which turned him into a assassin. from that serum he was able to get new ability and gigantic strength to his body and he's turned to "DeathStorke"

From that serum he was capable to do anything as "Super Human" that's the side affects from the serum.

Abilities of Deathstroke - Highly trained fighter (melee and ranged), Super mental strategist, Accessing to High technology equipment by hacking them. Skillful manipulator, Martial arts and taijutsu expert,

With much of abilities he's one of super villains in the comic series, specially in Teen titans. He has self healing power via regenerating healing factor.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

How to become a Batman In this Era

First of all thanks to my mind for this concept of being batman! In order to become a batman you don't need anything unless full of trustfulness from your bottom of heart. haha i'm just kidding.. Yes if you want to become bat man what kind of technique that should you learn by your self!

Definitely karate!! Yeah bruce wayne learning from his master ras'al ghul who planned to destroy the Gotham city by his own clan "League of Shadows" Ok! 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Batman : Arkham Knight From The Scratch

All new Batman Arkham Knight is on the way it will be a game that will bring excitement to players. It will give a new life to the Gotham City. With the beautiful skylines and dangerous paths, various signs the series of Arkham is going to look much greater that what it was. You are going to enjoy modifications in the street. Its china town will also look very beautiful with the glowing red color of the lights in the street and a number of paper lamps. The clock tower, the warehouse tower is similar to that of Gormenghast. The whole city has some changes and all are totally and completely new.

Arkham Knight's Super Villains.

Surprisingly scarecrow has returned to this finale series of batman. In other words this batman game will be super duper awesome, Actually there are 4 main demonic villains in this game such as Arkham Knight, scarecrow, penguin, two face and harley quinn. Ohh! Batman should face another conclusive threat to protect Gotham city.

Have you ever notice a villain called "Arkham Knight". from my point of view he's the main villain of this game because of the title also arkham knight and also the villain's name too. you can check left side image in this post. He's look like same as batman but he's very different and super duper devilish villain. It's pretty amazing to see the villain who had already surpassed batman. :)

But there is a mystery behind Arkham Knight. he could get a major role for this game. He could be "Hush" because of 2011's Batman arkham city game Identity thief mission.

Batman Arkham Knight & Batmobile

Batman Arkham Knight is an upcoming Action and Adventure game who developed by Rocksteady Studios and release by Warner brothers. Batman Arkham Knight will be releasing to the next gen consoles only such as PlayStation 4, Xbox one and Microsoft Windows (PC).