Friday, April 25, 2014

Batman Arkham Origins : Cold Cold Heart DLC

Well that is another DLC released by Montreal and Warner Brothers... This game has main villain called Mr Freeze also known as Mr.Victor, Therefore you can watch the Batman's New DLC Trailer to how does he invades the gotham city with his troops? and also he have captured the GothCorp's CEO too. So This DLC will be more awesome to play with new batman's suite called "XE Suite" because batman cannot fight with Mr.Freeze with Ordinary batman's suit. We've seen many new gadgets to his XE Suite. So Don't wait now let's move to the game.

Mr.Freeze also known Dr Victor Fries, He was a cryogenic scientist expert earlier who attempts to save his wife from illness in-depth it was failed due to industrial accident... Afterwards he was suited him self a cryogenic costumes to survive. Bob Kane, David wood and Sheldon Moldoff  were created this main villain to fight with batman. Mr Freeze's special weapon is his freeze gun. It can Freeze everything wherever he shoots. 

Make sure download is valid for "PC Downloads Only" 

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