Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Batman : Arkham Knight From The Scratch

All new Batman Arkham Knight is on the way it will be a game that will bring excitement to players. It will give a new life to the Gotham City. With the beautiful skylines and dangerous paths, various signs the series of Arkham is going to look much greater that what it was. You are going to enjoy modifications in the street. Its china town will also look very beautiful with the glowing red color of the lights in the street and a number of paper lamps. The clock tower, the warehouse tower is similar to that of Gormenghast. The whole city has some changes and all are totally and completely new.

This time also the Batman is going to glide over the city with his wonderful shawl that look completely glowing black. The glide mechanism for the players made easy so that long run can be covered up with ease. Even the one to one fight with hand is also made interesting with a couple of new features that will attract you so much to fight with hands. This time the combat is going to be the massive one it will change your experience in a better way.

The powerful batman’s unique motor with the couple of wheels looks greater and more powerful than ever before in previous series. The car is made player friendly considering the difficulty levels and new changes in the streets. Its high speed and when batman comes with missiles this will definitely amaze you.

Every change in this Batman Arkham Knight is to make you feel exciting and to play like the original iconic Batman. You can’t even imagine the excitement of driving his car and to fly over the sea for a long time with dark outfit and batman mask. Ginny will also going to be a rocking character in the game. Ginny is not described here because you must play this game to know what the Ginny says what he does in Batman Arkham Knight to make it more exciting. Overall, it is a must play game, it will bring enthusiasm and excitement to an uncontrollable level.

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