Friday, April 4, 2014

History of Batman's Villains : Deathstroke

Rocksteady's newly revealed their new Batman final series such as Batman : Arkham Knight, Therefore there are lot of super villains in this game even though developer might think to add some villains who are introduced in the old DC comics. So i'm going to add some super nemesis for batman.

DeathStroke/ Slade Wilison 

Deathstroke (First appearance at 1980 From Teen Titans as Antagonist) also known as "THE TERMINATOR" one of powerful antagonist for batman. Slade Wilison is best hope for Vietnam war but he was experimented a serum which turned him into a assassin. from that serum he was able to get new ability and gigantic strength to his body and he's turned to "DeathStorke"

From that serum he was capable to do anything as "Super Human" that's the side affects from the serum.

Abilities of Deathstroke - Highly trained fighter (melee and ranged), Super mental strategist, Accessing to High technology equipment by hacking them. Skillful manipulator, Martial arts and taijutsu expert,

With much of abilities he's one of super villains in the comic series, specially in Teen titans. He has self healing power via regenerating healing factor.

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