Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Batman Arkham Knight & Batmobile

Batman Arkham Knight is an upcoming Action and Adventure game who developed by Rocksteady Studios and release by Warner brothers. Batman Arkham Knight will be releasing to the next gen consoles only such as PlayStation 4, Xbox one and Microsoft Windows (PC). 

Batman Arkham Knight introduces new vehicle which helps you to fight and transport it's "Batmobile" ever you had that name in batman movies huh! yes of course i did. Batmobile also known as Batman's car, It's a drivable car, it has very awesome ability to boos your current speed, jump high, fire missiles and massive amount of gun power inside that beast. From Batmobile you can upgrade new abilities to your vehicle to continue the adventure of batman Arkham Knight. 

This upcoming batman game has many super and demonic villains to face off such as Harley quinn's and two face and more. 

Batmobile consumes lot of system power and memory in that case developer had decided to not to release for current old generation gaming consoles such as Xbox 360, Play station 3 or Nintendo wii. Now we've to think about it how this game going to be? It's going to be a EPIC batman game ever. 

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